The Route & The Bands

After many, many months of hunting, researching, listening, reading, following clever recommendations and sneaking around small venues, I compiled a list of over 100 extraordinary musicians from all over the country. Seven of those artists crept to the top of the list as the best fit for Fool’s Road. As I finalize travel arrangements and coordinate schedules with each of them, I will be updating this line-up. In the meantime, here is the tentative schedule:

August 24th—31st | New York City,  Pearl & The Beard

September 4th—11th | Chicago, My My My

September 17th—24th | Fort Collins, You Me & Apollo

September 28th—October 5th | Seattle, Rose Windows

October 15th—22nd | San Francisco, Hahn

October 27th—November 3rd | Austin, Shakey Graves

August 3rd-8th | New York City, Katakresis

If you happen to be familiar with any of these cities and can recommend great shooting locations, gear rental connections or just good places to sit and relax after 8 intensive days of production, let us know. Any advice is welcome.

The Route

Between the production cities, I’ll be stopping in various spots across the country to edit, rest, plan & write. Most of these places will creep onto the list along the way.

View The Fool’s Road Route in a larger map.

You Me & Apollo on couches.

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The Videos

Pearl and the Beard
New York, New York |

Production: August 24th—31st, 2012
Released: November 16th, 2012
Premiered by: WNYC Soundcheck, read the article here.

The video for Pearl and the Beard’s 40K was edited on the road with my MacBook Pro, Adobe After Effects & Premiere (my first excursion away from FCP since the arrival of X). The initial draft was completed in San Francisco before beginning Hahn’s production—the final edit was completed immediately after Shakey Graves’ production in Austin.

My My My
Chicago, Illinois |

Production: September 4th—11th, 2012
Released: January 24th, 2013

The video for My My My’s Starting to Change was primarily edited during a project-pause in Florida, also with the MacBook Pro, Adobe After Effects & Premiere.

The band has a Kickstarter campaign of their own which ends Wednesday, February 6th. In order to raise funds for the completion of the album (which includes this track), they are pledging 1 hour of community service for every $100 they raise. If they meet their $8,000 goal, that means 80hrs of goodness you can help them put into the world. Read more about their campaign here.

My My My
& The Windy City

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XB With a Twist

It was a remarkably good day when this square wonder came into my life—now it’s been modified to tote a hefty pile of gear around the country as my caddy and temporary home. You can see the full equipment list here.

After many weeks of considering the space and accessibility in relation to each piece of gear, drawing up plans, picking materials, testing weight and supports, custom fitting the bedding, making curtains and compartmentalizing the equipment, the mod was built. The end result is a tightly packed but optimized ‘living and working space’ that has been doing the trick pretty nicely.

So far, camping out in this tiny pod has been quite cozy & I rest easy knowing my gear is (extremely) close by.

Along the way I had the help and support of some very good humans. The House of Foam handled all my odd requests, the cool kids at The Dark Side tinted the windows to keep the contents a bit more secret and most importantly—I had a machinist/carpenter by my side every day to help complete and install the unit. Thanks, Dad.

R.I.P. Table saw.

So It begins, Digital Roadies!

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Almost There!

80 Days.
7 Musicians.
1 Filmmaker.
10,000 Miles.

On July 14th, the Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for Fool’s Road began. After only 9 days we reached 100% funding! As the bands are finalized, route is planned, gear is packed, car is modified and finances are settled, I’ll be posting teeny updates and photos of the more interesting odds and ends.

It’s not too late to support the project, become a Digital Roadie, get the T-shirts, hoodies, postcards, stickers, downloads, vinyl, cameo appearances and a music videos of your very own—when the campaign ends at midnight on Wednesday, August 8th, so will the chances to get your hands on all the exclusive rewards.

In your own way, I hope you’ll be joining me on the road!

Wearable Digital Roadie Love.

Every supporter of Fool’s Road on Kickstarter becomes a Digital Roadie.

Donating to the project also comes with tangible perks: I’ve designed the logo and screenprinted them locally at Expression on top-notch Tri-blend fashion-fit tees, the special edition zip-up Road-Guru hoodies are almost ready, the ”highest quality stickers on earth” are being printed by the very fine StickerRobot, the postcards are back from the printers (featuring a design you’ll just have to get in the mail to see) and the custom vinyl is slated to be pressed in November.

With only hours left in the campaign, the window is closing to grab these charming bits of Fool’s Road for yourself. Want ‘em? Go get ‘em! I’m stoked to be sharing this project with all of you—help me get these musicians seen and heard by a whole new set of souls.

Hello, Production Gear.

This collection is the much-adored result of many years of researching, sacrificing and saving. As you might expect, the financial evidence is ubiquitous—but each piece could not be loved more.

Nikon D800
Nikon D7000
Nikkor 35mm f/1.8G
Nikkor 40mm Micro f/2.8G
Nikkor 50mm f/1.2
Nikkor 24-70mm f/2.8G
Nikkor 70-200mm f/2.8G
Tokina 11-16mm f/2.8
Rokinon 85mm f/1.4
Panasonic Lumix DMC TS3
Fotodiox Canon/Nikon Adapter
77mm Fader ND
Lilliput 5DII 7″ Monitor
MB-700 Mattebox
(2) 3x Loupe Viewfinder
Manfrotto 501HDV Head
Manfrotto 502 Head
Manfrotto 562B Monopod
Manfrotto 502AM Twin-leg Sticks
(2) Collapsible 40×60 5-in-1 Reflector
Collapsible 5′x6′ Chroma Green Screen
Lowel 500w Rifa EX55 & Fluo Adapter
(2) Neewer CN-126 LED
Lowel 500w Omni
Lowel 750w Tota
Lowel 250w Pro
15″ MacBook Pro, 8GB 2.5GHz Quad-Core i7
Sennheiser HD555 Headphones
(2) 1TB Hard drive
CobraCrane Dolly
Aviator Travel Jib
Igus DryLin® Glidetrack
Steadicam JR
indiSystem Areeba 15mm Rails
indiSystem Follow Focus
(5) SNAP Magnetic Gears
Bogen 2929 Variable Friction Arm
(3) Bogen 2′ Extensions
Manfrotto/Bogen Clamps & Adapters
Ravelli Backdrop Stands
RØDE VideoMic
(2) Zoom H1 Recorder
(2) Azden Omni-Directional Lav
Wacom Bamboo

And all the usual CF/SDHC Cards, Cases, UV filters, Sunshades, Stingers, C47s, Clamps, Gaff-tape, Sandbags, WB Cards, Batteries, Chargers, Step-up Rings, Accessory Arms, Adapters, Quick Releases and Replacement Bulbs.

For obvious reasons, I chose gear that falls on the portable side of the spectrum. Though I anxiously await the day I can upgrade this collection, the DSLR ‘revolution’ has allowed me (as it has so many others) the opportunity to invest in quality glass, better rigs and more equipment to tackle loftier projects. The arguments are endless—but in the end, you must find a way—and the vehicles that get you there will earn your respect.

The Generous Souls Who Made This Possible

The Kickstarter campaign was lucky enough to become fully funded, and then some—a feat that only took 9 days, thanks to these extraordinary folks. The following individuals are as much a part of this project as they are the reason these musicians will be seen and heard by a whole new batch of humans.

Thank you for believing in the idea, in my abilities, in the talent of these musicians and in their potential. Each supporter is listed alphabetically. Some have asked to remain anonymous and will not be listed.


Road-Gurus Digital Roadies
Bria & Dan Aulisio
Meag Angelique
Travis Bailey
Tamika Base
Yve Colby
Kathy Conti
J-Sun Crutchley
James Edward
Andrea Ferber
Anthony Franklin & Kelly Hagen
Marissa Fry
Christopher Gearheart
Garrett Guidera
Kim Herbst
Lauren Hoffen
Jess Hyle
Darren Phillip Jones
Nars Krishnamachari
Laredo Labs

Evan Morgan
TJ Murphy
Clayton Myers
Anthony Neff
Sean Norris
Aaron Orvis
Ron Orvis
Brandon Parran
Ian Schumacher
James & Khirsten Swann
Tom Symonds
Kris Tripplaar
Christopher Vallina
Robert Williams
Ann & Brian Arena
Ashley Carter
Alice Clare
Ashley Cromwell
Kwadwo Davey
Elizabeth Garrett
Caleb Gatlin
Gimme Graphics
Jack Hardcastle
Serena H.
Robert Kittinger
Chris Knipp
Nathan Kozakiewicz
Rachel Kozakiewicz
Simon Lailvaux
Karen Leigh
Graig Lovering
Meghan Martin
Brian Mead
Sean McGing
Roberta Morcone
Colin Orvis
Nikko Pabon
Chris Potter
Isma’il Rashada
Aisleen Romano
Virginia Ryker
Mike Scopino
Lauren Scott
Paul Self
Ashley Simpson
Gail A. Southern
Jan Southern
Chris Sulzbach
Nathan Swartz
Joy Turner
Jen Yuen
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